Whether you’re building a new house or upgrading one, it pays to know your HVAC options. After all, HVAC systems keep you from roasting in summer and freezing in winter. The last few years have seen technological advances in many an air conditioning system. Hybrid units are one of them. Are you in the Port St. Lucie area? If you are, you can find an air conditioning system in Port St. Lucie, Florida, that has a hybrid system.

What Is a Hybrid A/C Unit?

A hybrid car switches back and forth between gasoline power and battery power. The battery will usually carry the car through most of its travels. There are some situations, though, in which gas is needed, such as going up a steep hill. These cars save on gas and get incredible mileage.

A hybrid A/C unit is no different. In summer, the air conditioner might run on electricity. Come winter, however, natural gas, propane, or furnace oil takes over. These fuels are more efficient to use, and they save a lot of money. The computer in the air conditioning system will switch fuels when temperatures hit around 40 degrees. Some units have a manual switch for homeowners, but the unit itself usually switches over.

And the Savings?

We don’t have to tell you how hot Florida gets in summer; in certain parts of Florida there isn’t a discernible winter. However, the savings are still worth mentioning. Homeowners using hybrid units will save 30 to 50 percent on their power bills. Hybrid units use less electricity, which will save you money on your power bills for years to come.

In addition, hybrid units use less electricity and energy, decreasing your carbon footprint. Just like the hybrid car makes the world a cleaner place, so, too, the hybrid unit contributes to green living.

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