Experiencing a plumbing emergency is typically a scary and stressful ordeal. However, you can minimize the negative impact caused by a plumbing emergency if you know how to respond properly. Emergency plumbers in the Charlotte, NC, area will instruct you to do the following four things immediately when you experience any sort of plumbing emergency in your home.

Shut Off Your Main Water Valve

It’s important that homeowners are aware of the location of their main water valve. If this valve is not shut off in a plumbing emergency, catastrophic leaks could result. Valves usually need to be turned in a clockwise direction in order to shut off properly. Generally speaking, it’s also possible to shut off the valve and stop water supply to an individual plumbing fixture even if you don’t know where your main water valve is.

Attend to Any Leaks That Have Developed

One of the biggest problems leaks in a home can create is water damage. You can minimize water damage resulting from a plumbing emergency by attending to leaks or floods that are caused by the plumbing malfunctions. Address water issues with towels or buckets to prevent moisture from soaking into your home’s walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture.

Don’t Use Your Plumbing Fixtures at All Until the Issue Is Resolved

In a plumbing emergency, you shouldn’t use any of your plumbing fixtures. Even if the emergency seems to be limited to a particular fixture or part of your home, you should probably not use any plumbing fixture until you address the emergency. Contact an emergency plumber in Charlotte, NC, right away if you need help.

Call an Emergency Plumber in Charlotte

You never want to try to handle your own plumbing repairs if you’re experiencing an emergency. Contact an emergency plumber who you know will be able to come immediately to assist you.