You turn on the water and it’s supposed to work. You flush the toilet and water is supposed to fill it up again. You’re used to these modern amenities that we all take for granted. When there is a problem, it can turn everything upside down. Whether you are dealing with an issue with your sewer pipes or the pipes that keep the water flowing in your home, everything can be put on hold when there is a break. Pipes wear out. Acts of nature can wreak havoc on your line. These are facts of life. You need to know the best way to handle them. Don’t panic. Trenchless pipe replacement in Seattle, WA, can save the day.

Take Care of Damaged Pipes Without Damaging Your Lawn

You’ve seen the big work projects underway along the highway when it’s time to put in pipes. It’s a huge excavation project with major digging underway. You have visions of your home looking like you are in the middle of a construction zone. Trenchless pipe replacement in Seattle, WA, can allow you to take a different direction to get the same results you would with traditional pipe replacement.

What Can You Expect When You Go Trenchless?

When you choose trenchless pipe replacement in Seattle, WA, you’ll be going with a much smaller workforce. Your crew will arrive with diagnostic equipment to give them a starting point. They’ll use a video camera that can be sent as a probe through your pipes to figure out what is happening. You may have a small break that only needs a liner inserted into your existing pipe to take care of any gaps. If you need the entire pipe replaced, pipe bursting and boring is effective. The old pipe is broken up underground and the new pipe is put into place during the process. Thanks to advances in technology, most of the work will take place beneath the surface. You’ll have working pipes as soon as possible.