The average family in the United States uses about 300 gallons of water per day at home, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. With such volumes of water going down drains, it’s not surprising that these units get clogged up at times. However, rather than pour some harmful chemical down your drain, it’s best to find out what’s causing the issue by hiring a qualified Kansas City drain specialist. Here’s why.

Proper Diagnosis and Repair

A drain cleaning Kansas City, MO professional will have various devices including video cameras, augers and dye tests, to ascertain what’s causing your drain problem. If you have a light mass blocking the drain, your plumber will typically use the end coils of an auger to remove it. For more substantial blockages, the repairman may need to use hydro jetting, which shoots highly pressurized water through your drain and pipe to extricate the blockage.

Provides Other Essential Services

An established company that does drain cleaning Kansas City, MO, will usually provide other important services, such as frozen pipe repairs, toilet and sink repairs and replacements, appliance installations, leak detection, and even sump pump services. This enables you to use the same reliable company for all of your plumbing jobs.

Great Customer Service

The best drain cleaning Kansas City, MO, companies will usually have a number of satisfied customers. Some will even post testimonials on the company’s website. Therefore, if this particular company did excellent work for multiple clients, you can trust them to service your drain.

Using an experienced drain cleaning professional in Kansas City, MO, will make your toilet, faucet or dishwasher run much more efficiently. This can significantly reduce your water usage and bill.

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